Buying a car is a major decision, both for your family and your wallet. However, when you shop smart, purchasing a new vehicle doesn't have to break the bank. Browsing pre-owned cars from your local used car dealer is an excellent way to find the perfect vehicle for you while staying within your budget. Used cars aren't a step down from buying new. When you buy used, you can find all the features you're looking for in a vehicle at a lower price. Rockland Ford is among Thomaston, Maine's most trusted used car dealerships, and our expert staff can help you find the ideal vehicle for your money. Don't compromise on safety, comfort, or price. Contact us today and get one step closer to your perfect car. 

Buying Used Cars Has Its Advantages

Besides a lower purchase price, buying used cars comes with many other benefits. When you browse used cars for sale, you'll see far more makes and models available for purchase than if you limit your search to new vehicles. Maybe the perfect car for you isn't made anymore. When you shop used, that's rarely a limitation. Find your ideal make and model, even if it has gone out of production. Insurance costs decrease too when you buy from used car dealerships. If you buy a new car, your insurance company will see it as more valuable, and thus, more money they'll have to pay you in case of an accident. However, even when you're buying used, you won't increase your chances of a wreck or sacrifice safety. Used cars for sale often come with vehicle history reports. These reports mean your purchase isn't a risk. You'll already be aware of any accidents or repairs the car underwent. Whatever you do, don't discount used cars as being a lesser option than buying new. At Rockland Ford, our pre-owned cars for sale aren't at a disadvantage to their new counterparts.

Some of the benefits of pre-owned vehicles include:

  • Lower Insurance Rates: Historically, insurance rates are lower on a used car because it won't cost as much to replace if there's an accident. Your rates will likely continue to drop the longer you own the vehicle.

  • Less Depreciation: Most vehicle depreciation occurs in the first year of ownership. By buying a used car, you avoid that depreciation, which helps your vehicle hold its value when you decide to sell it.

  • Budget-Friendly Price: As we mentioned, if you're shopping on a budget, a used vehicle is likely the best option. You'll be able to get many of the features you want without spending beyond your means.

Huge Selection of Used Cars for Sale

At Rockland Ford, our variety of used Ford models and Nissans is second to none. When you browse our inventory of used cars for sale, you're sure to find a Ford that matches your lifestyle and individual needs. Why invest in a used Ford? We're glad you asked. Pre-owned Ford vehicles are equipped with innovative safety features and live up to their reputation for durability. Plus, when you shop for used vehicles, you can have your pick of alternatively-fueled choices. If you aren't a fan of conventional gas-powered engines, some of Ford's models offer fuel-efficient alternatives. Visit Rockland Ford's used car dealership in Thomaston, ME to browse our wide selection of used vehicles to match every lifestyle.  

More than just Fords: Even though Ford is in our name, the used car inventory at Rockland Ford includes other makes as well. Our used car dealership carries Nissans, Chevrolets, Toyotas, Dodges, and many more-it only depends on when you come in to browse. The selection of used cars at Rockland Ford changes daily, so make sure to act quickly to purchase your ideal vehicle.

Expert, Inclusive Financing

If you need financing to purchase your used car, our Finance Department is happy to help. No matter your credit, our friendly staff can help you get an auto loan. At Rockland Ford, we know that life happens. Sometimes you need a new car fast, but you have other loans and expenses to take care of as well. Whatever your financial situation, don't worry! The experienced team at Rockland Ford's Finance Department will help you secure low-interest car loans or refinance an existing car loan. When you buy used cars from us, we have you covered every step of the way.

Contact Rockland Ford Today

Are you ready to browse our selection of used cars for sale in person? People come from all over Maine to shop used vehicles at our Thomaston, ME location. You will enjoy our friendly staff, feeling comfortable as they walk you through the variety of vehicles we have available. If you are from Bangor, Waterville, Augusta, Lewiston, Auburn, Bar Harbor or somewhere in between, visit Rockland Ford. You will be glad you did! Contact us or head over to our used car dealership today.