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Purchasing a new vehicle is an in-depth process. You don't want to throw your money at the first shiny car you see on a lot. It's important to learn about the ins and outs of each model and compare them with your needs in a car, truck, or SUV. At Rockland Ford, we have a wide selection of Ford vehicles to choose from. Before you start homing in on your specific model, read over our comparison notes. We hope to narrow down your selection process and simplify it for you, making the process a breeze. When you're ready, stop by our Rockland, ME Ford dealership. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff looks forward to helping you find the perfect Ford for you and your needs.

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EcoSport Vs. Escape

After years of the Escape being Ford's go-to small/midsize SUV, the new EcoSport is quite the contender. The EcoSport is a bit smaller, making it more of a subcompact for nimbler driving. The Escape offers significantly more cargo and seating space. So, if you're looking to take your Ford on longer road trips or camping trips with more people, you'll want the space. In terms of power, the Escape also provides more engine options and horsepower. The Escape is also more fuel-efficient, even with its larger, more powerful engine. Inside, the two vehicles feature similar layouts, infotainment screens, luxurious heated leather-trimmed seats, and superb sound systems. Due to the size and engine size, the EcoSport has the advantage in price, coming in at nearly $10,000 lower than the larger Escape. The Escape is a more all-around contender for a comfortable SUV, but if you're just driving around town and don't need as much space, the Ford EcoSport is a good pick.

Expedition Vs. Explorer

Both the Ford Expedition and Ford Explorer are among the most popular choices for SUVs - and for good reason. Both models offer spacious and reliable rides with plenty of features and customization options to make it your own. There are a handful of differences to consider before you purchase yours.

The Ford Expedition is significantly larger than the Explorer, adding over 10" in length and 6" in height. While both vehicles are incredibly capable of towing, you find the Expedition offers a larger 3.5L EcoBoost® V6 to haul even the heaviest trailers. On the other side, if you don't plan on towing as much, you'll find the Explorer is perfect while saving significantly on mileage. Think about how much space you need every day? If you have a large family and plan on taking road trips together, the Expedition's extra space will come in handy. If you prefer the midsize SUV and would rather drive something less cumbersome, the Explorer is still quite capable of being your camping trip vehicle. Creature comforts like audio features, back-up cameras, and other infotainment systems tend to be the same across the board with these SUVs.

Raptor Vs. Bronco

Comparing the Ford F-150 Raptor and the Ford Bronco is like comparing apples and oranges - if both of them can propel you through off-road trails while painting a smile on your face. Both the Bronco and the Raptor excel at tackling the tundra with their upgraded suspensions, off-road wheels and tires, and engines. However, they vary significantly. Chances are, if you're reading this section, you're a thrill-seeker. Let's break down the two.

The Ford Bronco comes with a turbocharged 2.3L inline-four with an impressive 270 horsepower and 310 lb.-ft of torque with an optional upgrade to a 2.7L V-6 with 310 horses and 400 lb.-ft of torque. It clears off-road brush and rocks easily with its 11.6 inches of ground clearance and 3,500lbs of towing capability. Ford designed this model with nostalgic notes and modern innovations. It's perfect for off-roading adventures and camping trips as well as a night out on the town.

The Ford F-150 Raptor is a monster of a pickup. It comes standard with a 450 horsepower twin-turbo 3.5L EcoBoost® engine, propelling you from 0-60mph in just 5.1 seconds. Innovative Trail ControlSystems and performance package upgrades put this truck near the Baja category. However, all these upgrades come with a significant price increase. If you're going to go big, this is the endgame pickup.

F-150 Vs. F-250

The biggest differences between Ford's F-150 and F-250 are size and weight class. The F-150 is classified as a light-duty truck, while the F-250 is a three-quarter-ton, heavy-duty pickup. The F-150 is designed to haul lighter loads with a comfortable ride no matter where you go. It combines class, convenience, and adaptability. Meanwhile, the F-250 is an absolute workhorse. If you plan on towing large boats and trailers and hauling significant payloads throughout worksites, the F-250 is the truck for you. Both trucks have a ridiculous amount of customization options, including trims, features, door options, drivetrains, engines, and more. Your decision is most likely going to come down to what you'll be using your truck for and how much you plan on towing and hauling.

State-of-the-Art Service Center

No matter what model Ford you choose, you'll be in good hands with our brand-new state-of-the-art service center. Our Rockland dealership's service center is equipped with the latest in technology and staffed by expert technicians to conduct routine maintenance and repairs on your Ford. It's important to stay on top of your vehicle's maintenance. And why would you take your new Ford to any other mechanic when ours are hand-selected due to their knowledge and prowess working on Ford vehicles? Contact us today to schedule your service appointment.

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