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F-Series is America’s best-selling truck for 44 years* for a reason. And now, it’s charging into the future with the all-new, all-electric 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning. It’s the first ever F-Series that’s gas-free and offers more purposeful technology, an elevated driving experience and trusted Built Ford Tough capability. Offering an ingenious array of connected, intelligent features with over-the-air Software Updates to help ensure your truck can get even better over time.

*Based on 1977-2020 CY total sales.


We went beyond building an all-electric F-150. We created the smartest, most connected F-150 Ford has ever built, packed with all of the advantages that zero-emissions propulsion offers – from nearly instantaneous torque to Ford Intelligent Backup Power, connected services to intelligent range, it’s a strong, capable look at what’s to come.


We’ve created a wide array of advanced technologies that can help improve the performance of your truck and your business. Including over-the-air Software Updates, powerful charging solutions and FordPass™ Integration that not only allows remote access to your truck and communication with a Ford Charge Station Pro at home for seamless access to public charging.

*At purchase, the FordPass Connect modem is connected and sending vehicle data (e.g., diagnostics) to Ford. To disable, or for more information, see in-vehicle connectivity settings. Learn more at FordConnected.com.


The all-electric F-150 Lightning is a purpose-built, must-have truck for serious work and recreation. And because we take the words “Built Ford Tough” seriously, we torture-tested it and put it through the same paces that all F-150 trucks go through. So you can be confident the F-150 Lightning will live up to the standards you have come to expect from F-150.

2022 F-150 Lightning at Rockland Ford

All About Ford's New All-Electric Pickup

The Ford F-Series pickup is already America's best-selling vehicle. In 2022, everything changes. The New F-150 Lightning is the first 100% electric F-Series pickup ever. It's a zero-tailpipe emissions vehicle, all-electric, and powerful as ever. The new Lightning is a powerhouse of features, technology, horsepower, and reliability. It's purpose-built with productivity and hard work in mind. Ford continues the Built Ford Tough motto throughout its design and execution to bring you a true marvel in the automotive world. Learn about why we're excited about the new Ford F-150 Lightning, its features, specs, and how you can get yours at Rockland Ford in Rockland, ME. Visit our Ford dealership today to reserve yours, choose the options you need, and meet our knowledgeable and helpful team!


While the Lightning name isn't new to Ford, creating an all-electric pickup truck is. Borrowing the Lightning branding from the past F-150 performance pickup, the new EV is designed to share much of its style and body composition from its gasoline-powered original. Instead, a pair of electric motors and battery packs power the impressive vehicle.

The Standard-Range battery provides you with up to 230 miles on a single charge, while the Extended-Range battery upgrades you to 300 miles.

Trim Levels

Just like the gasoline-powered F-150, the Lightning provides you with a wide variety of trim levels and added features to customize your experience to your needs. The trim levels include:

  • Pro
  • XLT
  • Lariat
  • XLT Extended Range
  • Lariat Extended Range
  • Platinum Extended Range

All-Wheel drive is standard on every model, and the Lightning is capable of towing up to 10,000 pounds. One of the greatest aspects of the 2022 EV is that the base Pro model has an incredibly approachable MSRP, making the switch to electric even easier. However, the Extended-Range batteries, upgraded features, and more make the higher packages even more tantalizing. For instance, the XLT model adds all types of worksite equipment, adaptive cruise control, and Ford's Pro Power Onboard generator for long days on the job, camping, and more.

All-Electric Performance

Every F-150 Lightning model comes standard with two electric motors and all-wheel drive to put down serious, immediate power. The Standard Range battery makes 426 horsepower, while the Extended-Range battery produces a blistering 563 horsepower and 775 lb.-ft of torque. This makes it more powerful than gasoline competitors by a longshot.

Towing Capacity

One of the main reasons for purchasing a pickup truck is towing and payload capacity. Ford listened to its main audience by creating an electric vehicle that can outperform its gasoline rivals. The F-150 Lightning has a towing capacity of 10,000 pounds with a 2,000-pound payload capacity.

Range and Battery Charging

The standard battery gets you 230 miles of range on a single charge. Upgrading to the Extended-Range battery earns you 300 miles. You can charge your F-150 Lightning at home with a 110- and 220-volt outlet. You can also charge it with public DC fast-charging stations. And it's fast, too. You can charge from 15 percent to 80 percent in only 44 minutes. The EV pickup can also act as a backup generator to fully supply you up to three days of electricity for an average household. Never worry about being stranded without power in a power outage ever again.

Interior Space

The cabin of the F-150 Lightning shares many similarities with the standard gasoline trucks. You will find plenty of space but with added infotainment displays, front-trunk cargo bay, and other creature comforts.

Speaking of infotainment, you're greeted with a 12.0" infotainment touchscreen system with Ford Sync 4 software. The Lariat and Platinum models upgrade the screen to 15 inches. Other great inclusions are:

  • Apple CarPlay
  • Android Auto
  • In-Dash Navigation
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • Bang & Olufsen Premium Sound System
  • Ford BlueCruise Semi-Autonomous Driving Mode

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