Special savings on our selection of Ford Courtesy Vehicles

Ford Courtesy Vehicles are low mileage used vehicles that are eligible for New Vehicle Retail Incentive Offers and the balance of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty. These vehicles were formerly used by our customers and cared for by our very own service department.

Used Ford Vehicle Deals in Thomaston, ME 

There's more than one way to save money when it comes to purchasing a new vehicle. Are you familiar with demo deals? Demo cars, or courtesy vehicles, are the ones prospective customers take for a test drive at our dealership. Sometimes, they're used by our customers and staff for other purposes as well. Our Ford courtesy vehicles are low-mileage used vehicles that are eligible for all new vehicle retail incentive offers, not to mention the balance of the new vehicle limited warranty. These vehicles were formerly used by our customers and cared for by our very own service department to ensure their optimal performance. If you're looking for an affordable ride, be sure to check back often to see our rotating inventory of used Ford vehicle deals in Thomaston, ME!

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Advantages of Buying a Low-Mileage Used Ford Vehicle

One of the best reasons to buy a demo car or courtesy vehicle from Rockland Ford is their lower cost when compared to brand-new models and many other used vehicles at our dealership. However, there are probably many less apparent advantages of buying a low-mileage used Ford vehicle that you haven't considered, including all the following:

  • Savings - There's no question that buying a used vehicle will save you money. Many of the vehicles used as demo cars are higher-end models because these are the ones prospective customers usually want to see and test drive during specific promotions. So, not only will you be buying a low-mileage, well-maintained vehicle at a lower price when you buy a demo car, but the chances you'll also be buying a coveted luxury model are also pretty enticing for many customers shopping around for the best deal.
  • Less Depreciation - All cars depreciate almost as soon as they leave a car dealership. However, when you buy a second-hand vehicle, you're minimizing the amount of depreciation to your purchase. The bulk of the car's depreciation occurs in the first year of its life, meaning the previous owner, or our dealership in this case, bore that burden already.
  • Lower Insurance Premiums - Used car owners typically enjoy lower insurance premiums than people who purchase brand-new models. The main reason for this is you aren't required to pay for gap insurance covering the gap between what you initially paid for the vehicle versus what it's worth thanks to the depreciated value.
  • Limited Warranty Protection - Your used courtesy vehicle may still be covered under its original warranty from the manufacturer or through an extended limited warranty. What this means is certain parts or repairs performed by our factory-trained technicians at our Ford service center may be covered under your warranty. Always check with our service department to determine specific coverage and eligibility.
  • Fewer Fees - Because the initial price tag on a used vehicle is much lower than that of a brand-new model, you should notice lower financing and purchasing fees as well. You should be able to pay off a demo car much faster with lower average monthly payments!
  • Better for the Environment - Buying anything second-hand is better for the environment because it reduces the impact of manufacturing and shipping processes on new products. Many newer demo models may also be better for the environment with lower carbon dioxide output, especially if it's a hybrid vehicle using a lithium-ion battery.

Have Questions About Our Demo Deals at Rockland Ford?

Do you have any further questions or concerns about our demo deals at Rockland Ford? We encourage you to contact us via phone or email and someone from our friendly staff would be happy to help!