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Every time you press your brake pedal, a complex system goes into motion to help keep you and your passengers safe. Rockland Ford offers expert brake repair services at our Ford dealership in Thomaston, ME. Your safety depends on the condition of your brakes, and that's why it's so important to have highly skilled technicians service them. Our team has the right parts, tools, and certified, trained technicians to take care of your every need. Rockland Ford's auto dealership features a full-service center in addition to new, pre-owned, and certified vehicles. Take a few moments to learn more about the importance of brake repair, when you need it, and why you should choose us. Contact us if you have any questions or to schedule an appointment for service.

Our waiting areas will continue to be wiped down all day and deep cleaned at night.  Seating is set up for the distancing of individuals.

Why Choose Rockland Ford's Brake Repair Shop?

We know you have options when it comes to brake repair in Thomaston, ME.  When you choose our auto brake repair center, you can rest easy knowing we offer parts and labor warranties, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, a clean, comfortable waiting area with free Wi-Fi, shuttle service to and from your home, and so much more. We proudly offer a lifetime brake pad guarantee with payment options to stay within your budget. Visit our new state-of-the-art service center to get expert brake service you can count on. Contact our team today to learn more or schedule a vehicle service appointment.

Your vehicle's brakes

When you press your brake pedal, a complex system goes into motion to help keep you and your passengers safe. That's why it's so important to have highly skilled technicians service your brakes. At Rockland Ford, we have the right parts, tools and certified‐trained technicians to take care of your every need.

Brakes Offers


*Available for Motorcraft® brake pads purchased after 7/1/14 and Omnicraft™ brake pads purchased after 7/1/17. Nontransferable. Replacement requires copy of original repair order and completion of any other necessary brake service, such as brake rotor service. Motorcraft or Omnicraft brake pads must be installed by U.S. Ford or Lincoln Dealership or Quick Lane® technician to be covered. Pads only; labor costs not included. Commercial delivery vehicles, taxi, limousine, postal, police, tow trucks, racing and emergency vehicles are excluded. Restrictions and exclusions apply. See Service Advisor for details. Motorcraft® is a registered trademark of Ford Motor Company. Omnicraft™ is a trademark of Ford Motor Company. Offer valid with coupon. See participating U.S. dealership for vehicle applications, offer details and claim form through 12/31/21.

How can I tell if my brakes need servicing?

It's crucial that you don't wait too long for brake service because you could be putting your safety in jeopardy, and delaying this critical service could cost you money. Your vehicle's brake system is one of the most important safety mechanisms in your car. It needs to be inspected regularly. That means a minimum of once every six months or about every 6,000 miles. Doing so will ensure proper performance and keep you safe on the road. Your vehicle's brake pads should be replaced every 25,000 to 75,000 miles depending on the make and model of your car, your driving habits, and several other factors. The experienced mechanics at Rockland Ford would be happy to help you determine whether you need new brake pads. You can also consult your owner's manual for the recommended service schedule. Check out these common signs that your brake system needs servicing:

  • Brakes are hard to press down or feel spongy
  • Squealing or grinding noises
  • Vehicle pulling to one side
  • Steering wheel or brake pedal shakes when you apply the brake
  •   Dashboard Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) warning light comes on
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    Why should I choose Rockland Ford for brake repair?

    There are three main reasons why it's so important to bring in your vehicle for timely brake repair: peace of mind, lower repair costs, and safety. When you fail to repair your faulty brakes in time, you put yourself and other drivers at risk. Catching brake problems early does not typically require very elaborate or expensive repairs. Preventative maintenance is critical when it comes to taking care of your vehicle, and that definitely includes your brakes. Learn more about the three most important reasons to take care of your brakes in a timely manner:

    • Safety - Driving with bad brakes makes your vehicle harder to navigate. It becomes much more difficult to make sudden stops, and your brakes may seize without warning.

    • Lower Repair Costs - Driving with worn brake pads can damage your vehicle's rotors. Rotor replacement is much more expensive than routine brake maintenance.

    • Peace of Mind - When you take care of your vehicle's squeaky or grinding brakes right away, you'll feel confident that your car will perform well on the road and keep you, your passengers, and other drivers safe.
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    The Ford Service Credit Card

    The Ford Service Credit Card is a financing option that lets you pay for all service maintenance and repairs, including tire purchases and installation at Rockland Ford and other Ford Dealers across the U.S. It only takes a few minutes to apply and receive the decision.

    Upon credit approval, you'll be provided with a credit line to assist you with all instore purchases, including:

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    The Ford Service Credit Card

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